It's not just us!

Diverse organisations and initiatives are doing very important work around public financing for water and sanitation, including Sanitation and Water for All (SWA); the UN-Water GLAAS initiative, and the associated TrackFin initiative around tracking financial flows to water and sanitation; the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW);, tracking progress towards a number of international commitments including public finance commitments; the World Bank’s Water & Sanitation Programme (WSP), and in particular the Economics of Sanitation initiative; the Performance Assessment System (PAS) project at India's CEPT University; and various agencies including GIZ, IRC, WaterAid, Water For People, WSSCC, and WSUP, all supporting implementation of public finance solutions at national or local levels. And most importantly, individuals and institutions throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America are doing incredible work "on the ground", developing and implementing innovative systems for public financing of water and sanitation: check out our Resources page for case studies.

The following online resources are particularly useful:

  • The SWA listing of country commitments: if you click on an individual country, you can see public financing commitments. Of course these are commitments, not actual spend.
  • The website with very detailed information on country progress towards different commitments, including public finance commitments. Very powerful tools for exploring detail, and this site is maintained absolutely up-to-date.
  • The website of the PAS project at India's CEPT University: extensive information on public financing of sanitation in India, notably in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • The UN-Water GLAAS initiative: see in particular the latest (2012) GLAAS report.
  • The website which shows the spending targets (on WASH and other areas) of governments across Latin America, Africa and Asia.
  • The World Bank WSP Africa’s Country Reports, detailing country progress towards the AfricaSan commitments.
  • Public Finance International, a news and comment website.
  • The Tax and Financial Management group at CMI (Chr. Michelsen Institute) in Norway, one of the few European research institutions with a strong ongoing research programme around public finance in developing contexts.
  • Finally, we recommend the SuSanA forum, always a lively centre for debate around WASH issues. We haven’t got a discussion forum on this website (our start-up budget didn’t stretch that far), so if you want to comment or open a discussion around public finance questions, we recommend the Financing forum on the SuSanA website.

Any key resources we're missing? Let us know!

See also our Resources page, where you can find useful open-access publications produced by other organisations.